5 Most Beautiful Places to See in Uganda

I had a chance to work for a travel company based in Uganda, and while there I learnt a couple of things about why people travel to different destinations. Most times, it was never about spending money or enjoying the honeymoon holiday, but the satisfaction and peace that comes when you’re seeing a beautiful place with your own eyes. There are many destinations on my bucket list that I’d like to tick off, because seeing them in pictures is not just not enough.

Uganda is blessed to have many national parks, mountains, rivers, tropical rainforests and much more for anyone to see. I have compiled a list of the most beautiful places you can see in Uganda, while on a short or long holiday with your family. These places are ranked based on their natural beauty, and the experience shared from most travelers.

The Top 5 most beautiful places to see in Uganda



Undoubtedly one of Uganda’s most scenic and beautiful destinations, Lake Bunyonyi is located in Kabale – western Uganda on the route that connects to Bwindi. For most visitors, Lake Bunyonyi is the one of the few places you would visit to relax. The Terraced hillsides in the Kigezi regions of Kabale are a beautiful sight too. While here, you wake up to beautiful sounds from birds, fresh waters and amazing scenery of Lake Bunyonyi. You can also opt to swim in Bilharzia free lake, take a boat cruise to the other hills or do a zip-line. Other activities around Lake Bunyonyi include bicycle tours, hiking and community tours.



The dramatic Murchison falls situated at the northern end of the Albertine rift valley are one of the world’s greatest waterfalls. These were created after the Nile squeezed through an 8m wide gorge with a force between rock and water. The Murchison falls are a great spot to enjoy sunset cruises and also the Victoria Nile gives great opportunities to enjoy boat trips and fishing.

Murchison falls national park is ideal for anyone willing to go for a short or long holiday in Uganda, as it has a lot of wildlife, birds and much to discover and see. You can also get to stay in the Safari lodges that are strategically located near the Victoria Nile to give any visitor an outstanding sight to the beauty in this wildlife park.



I recently visited Kidepo Valley but the memories have since stuck with me because I was amazed by how much beauty this wilderness park holds. The Park is located in northern Uganda – one of the most remote places and can be accessed by road or air. Kidepo is filled with with lots of dry, undiscovered lands making it look like a semi-desert, this is where the True African wilderness lies. The park’s wildlife includes mostly the buffalo herds seen on game drives plus elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions and a variety of other species. Kidepo’s scenery is Jaw dropping with views of the mount Morungule, Narrus valleys and lots of other attractions. The Karamajong tribe are the people living nearby this park with one of Uganda’s best cultural displays. Anyone planning to visit the remote Kidepo, will be stunned by the beauty that lies here.



The famous Queen Elizabeth national park is a magnificent national park located in western Uganda, set against the backdrop of the Rwenzori Mountains. The first time I visited this park, I had a chance to enjoy an early morning game drive, to get a glimpse of the wildlife. Wasn’t lucky with seeing the Lions but we found them on the second day as we visited the Ishasha sector – also part of QENP. However this is not the most interesting part, Kazinga channel which connects Lake Edward & George is a stunning marvel, and most tourists get to enjoy the views here while on the boat cruise. The Kazinga channel is 40km long and it takes about 2 hours on a boat to see some of the wildlife along the river banks including Hippos, crocodiles & birds.



The Rwenzori mountains – are one of the few snow-capped mountains in Africa. One of my colleagues had a chance of hiking up-to the highest peak – Margherita Peak in 2021. He moved with a group of friends, taking on the challenge to hike up the 5109 meters peak for a couple of days. His experience was one that he’d tell for a lifetime, and ready to conquer the next challenge (Mt. Kilimanjaro). The Rwenzori mountains are located in Kasese, Western Uganda, close to the border of Uganda and the DRC.

Uganda still has a lot of beautiful places to see and discover, plus hidden gems but these are the top five based on reviews from recent travelers.


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