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Itanda Falls – getting there & more

The Itanda falls are naturally a beautiful sighting at the heart of Jinja on the Nile – one of the world’s longest rivers. The falls are classified under grade 5 waterfalls and visitors here can get to enjoy rafting on the Nile. The Itanda falls are very powerful falls and still remain a challenge for Kayakers around the world who want to take them on.

Jinja City is known as the adventure capital of East Africa, because of it’s many adventurous activities and attractions including Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Kayaking, Quad biking and more. The town is still filled with colonial-like buildings and architecture from the early 1900’s but has since gotten new developments around the town including several hotels & lodges. The town is located 80km east of Kampala and connects the Capital to Mbale – another town in Eastern Uganda.

The locals here (Basoga) are very inclined on their tradition including respecting their ‘King’ – Kyabazinga. They frequently speak ‘Lusoga’ however English and Luganda are also common in Jinja.


Other places you can see while in Jinja

  • The Source of the Nile: this is the part where the Nile River starts its journey from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean sea in Egypt flowing more than 6500km. The Nile is also a source of power and a number of Dams have been built on this river including the Bujagali Dam in Uganda, Aswan Dam in Egypt and many others.


Getting to Itanda Falls

Getting to Itanda falls takes about 45 minutes from Jinja town, the falls are situated about 30km away from town. Visitors coming here for the first time need to consult with the locals as the roads are not clearly marked. Alternatively, you can get here by boat from Entebbe – check Nyanza Evergreen waterways for more


Where to stay

A number of hotels / lodges have since been developed over the years in Jinja, but one would opt to stay strategically close to the Nile. You’d cherish the memories waking up to fresh air from the Nile and overlooking the magnificent river. Visitors can check local listings on google or Trip-advisor for some of the best hotels to stay in. You can also check for privately owned apartments via AirBnB if you opt not to stay in a hotel.

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