The Benefits of Joining A Group For Your African Safari


With a group tour, be assured of the low or budget friendly prices than when you are travelling as a solo traveler. Group trips are budget friendly because all costs will be shared among the members in that particular group travelling. Most accommodation facilities ranging from budget, mid-range and high end facilities offer big discounts for group travelers than when you are alone which makes the overall cost cheaper. Safari vehicle costs, fuel, and driver fee will also be shared among the group members and this will make the price to be low for each person in that trip than when you are travelling alone. Even some park entrance fees in Africa for vehicles and driver can also be shared among the group members. On top of that the twin and triple rooms cost can also be shared among the members in the group.


Security is a very important aspect when travelling to any tourism destinations and when traveling in a group is an added advantage to your security. Traveling in a group reduces fear when in some activities for example boat cruise, game drive and especially during the nature walks in the forest which can be somewhat scaring but with a group you will no longer fear while at the forest. Even people will fear to attack the group when traveling together.


Planning is key in a very aspect in life and when you want to travel to any destination you need to plan in advance but when traveling in a group, all the Africa wildlife safaris will be planned by one or two people which saves time for the rest of the members. One or two members will seek for the good accommodation to suite the group, transport, drivers and also plan for different activities in regards to places which will be visited. So this saves time because it will involve less planning by other members but just to the discounted costs for the trip including all elements of the safari.


The losses are minimized during the time of cancellations when your trip was planned in a group because the losses will be shared among the group members. First of all the cost is discount for everyone ranging from the accommodation which is an advantage, transport, some activities and all this costs will be shared among the group members. So always plan your trip in a group and it does not limit the solo travelers from traveling as well.


Group travel will expose you to different categories of people with different cultural backgrounds and norms. As you enjoy your trip some of the group members will forever become your friends at all levels. Luxury Rwanda safaris are even more fun for tourists travelling in a group. During group travel some will share twin or triple rooms for the first time, enjoy game drives together, nature walks, gorilla and chimpanzee trekking with some other activities like camp fire and all these activities will bring you together and there is no way you can fail to become friends at some point.

  1. IT IS FUN

It is really fun to travel in a group because traveling alone is somewhat boring and it is worst when you get a boring driver guide then that will be your worst trip. However, some of the best African tour companies train their guides to match the needs for their solo travelers but when you land on a wrong company then you will regret traveling alone. So traveling in a group is fun because there will be members who will entertain you in all levels of your tour.

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