Soon We will Travel Around Uganda - Lockdown Woes

Soon We will Travel Around Uganda – Lockdown Woes

For someone that loves to travel, staying home isn’t fun but rather a necessity to stay safe and maintain social distancing. The global pandemic has left me in panic mode after sectors being shut down and being in a partial lockdown. I live in Uganda, Kampala – one of the busiest cities in East Africa but is now dormant after a lockdown which was put in place more than a month ago. Kampala is a city of more than 2 million people but is now deserted with a few essential workers moving around to run their day to day business. By 7:00 pm, we’re all in our homes except those working with security, media & medical facilities. We are miles apart from our friends and family, and we miss the busy day lives.

Before, the adventure was exciting, fun, breathtaking with so much adrenaline but now, it’s very impossible to feel all that. There is so much I miss from the old times like jumping on ‘Boda Boda’ amidst the Kampala traffic Jam or that road trip upcountry or meeting up with friends. Did I mention how I miss my barber? Well yes! It definitely doesn’t look good with a weird beard running down my cheeks and an overgrown mustache but in these times, it’s about survival.

What’s next for Tourism after the lockdown ?

Most of the people that work in tourism are wondering how they will recover from this global shutdown, it’s a hard one – but I hope there will be a way to work things around. In the coming months, inter-state travel is going to be a lot trickier especially for people in Europe, Asia and Africa. Why then don’t we be our own market? I foresee people being able to travel within their own countries without having to go abroad but that will entirely depend on how we recover from this pandemic.

From the experiences I have had while travelling around Uganda – it’s definitely number one on my bucket list and my goal is to visit every national park, town and major attraction. After that I will plan to go further to Kenya, Tanzania and other African countries. There could be a big transformation with the way hotels, lodges and transport sectors operate after COVID19. Maybe sharing of rooms won’t be allowed or group trips will have to be limited. If you’re planning to visit any of the amazing attractions around Uganda, private trips with not more than 5 people (including the driver) are recommended. This means you have enough space in the Vehicle and you know everyone.


Recommended places in Uganda to visit after the Lockdown

Kidepo Valley

The remote isolated Kidepo Valley national park is ideal for anyone willing to enjoy the Safari experience without having to worry about anything. Visitors can opt for camping with their own tents without having to check in at the safari lodges which might not be safe for everyone. Kidepo national park also has magnificent views and excellent wildlife like elephants, lions, giraffes, hyenas and many others.

Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda’s oldest wildlife park with the magnificent Murchison falls and the calm Victoria Nile which excellent fishing opportunities. You’ll enjoy lots of bird watching here, game drives around the park, hot air balloon safaris and much more. Murchison is a few hours’ drive from Kampala and can be visited with a 3 days itinerary.

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